Beginning of MS1 Year

Greetings fellow humans!  I have officially crossed Main Street and begun my journey at Baylor College of Medicine.  We have just entered week 4 of classes, and my thoughts and schedule are still in a bit of a jumble. However, I am incredibly humbled by everything that is medical school.  And it has been reassuring … Continue reading Beginning of MS1 Year


Women Lead (and WomenLEAD)

I view my perspective on the importance of women's leadership as more subdued than that of others. This does not mean that I devalue the need for women to enter and thrive in visible positions of leadership. In fact, I've been frustrated by some things I've overheard in the realm of leadership in surgery over the past … Continue reading Women Lead (and WomenLEAD)

What’s more important than “having it all”

I’ve always struggled to define what “having it all” means to me. In college, I am thrust into situations that either fortify or shatter this optimistic desire as a young woman with professional aspirations and who also adores wearing makeup and developing an outward style. My tiger parents have made it easy for me to … Continue reading What’s more important than “having it all”

How Zumba Has Taught Me to Be Fearless

I have anything but a dancer's body, but somehow, I found myself enrolled in dance classes until high school. Ballet and tap dance in pre-school, classical and lyrical in elementary school, and hip-hop in middle school. I have always felt most comfortable pursuing the performing arts as opposed to the visual arts (I can draw … Continue reading How Zumba Has Taught Me to Be Fearless

How to Break [Into] a [Good] Habit: Daily Exercise

I had always believed in the "21 Days" myth...until I tried becoming a vegetarian in high school and failed miserably. During my freshman year, I decided to give up meat entirely for Lent because 1. I really sought an intense challenge (because I absolutely love BBQ, and love is a mild word of affection) and … Continue reading How to Break [Into] a [Good] Habit: Daily Exercise