Women Lead (and WomenLEAD)

I view my perspective on the importance of women's leadership as more subdued than that of others. This does not mean that I devalue the need for women to enter and thrive in visible positions of leadership. In fact, I've been frustrated by some things I've overheard in the realm of leadership in surgery over the past … Continue reading Women Lead (and WomenLEAD)

The Importance of Mentorship in Surgery

I am so honored to have my perspective on mentorship in surgery featured through Women in Thoracic Surgery!  Please check it out here: http://wtsnet.org/wts-medical-student-perspective/.  You should also read about the experiences of two other medical students as they journey into the field (much further along than I!). I dedicate this writing to my mentors.  Thank you … Continue reading The Importance of Mentorship in Surgery

New Feminism and Women in Medicine

A couple of semesters ago, I sat in on an anthropology seminar and learned about the different waves of American feminism over the decades. I thought there was only one feminist movement! It turns out that there have been several. In the 19th century, first-wave feminists sought political power, primarily through the suffragist movement. Second-wave feminists … Continue reading New Feminism and Women in Medicine

What’s more important than “having it all”

I’ve always struggled to define what “having it all” means to me. In college, I am thrust into situations that either fortify or shatter this optimistic desire as a young woman with professional aspirations and who also adores wearing makeup and developing an outward style. My tiger parents have made it easy for me to … Continue reading What’s more important than “having it all”

“Heels are a sh…

"Heels are a short girl's best friend." At the end of my senior year in high school, I attended my ex's graduation after he attended mine, and among the many wise things that his father said to me, I remember the following quip extremely accurately.  The entire audience stood as each soon-to-be graduate walked down the aisle … Continue reading “Heels are a sh…