“Selection,” or transplant review board

I've been able to sit in transplant review board (BCM), or selection (Cedars), several times at two academic institutions over the past year. This session occurs weekly in a conference room setting. For approximately one hour, various providers come together to discuss the ongoing management of live and mechanical transplant candidates and recipients. Generally, a … Continue reading “Selection,” or transplant review board

Women Lead (and WomenLEAD)

I view my perspective on the importance of women's leadership as more subdued than that of others. This does not mean that I devalue the need for women to enter and thrive in visible positions of leadership. In fact, I've been frustrated by some things I've overheard in the realm of leadership in surgery over the past … Continue reading Women Lead (and WomenLEAD)

I’m not a college athlete, but I’m still getting coached.

How do you react to failure?  Most of us feel embarrassed and defeated.  It knocks the wind out of us and makes us want to hide away from the world for a while. I've found that this reaction is going to occur regardless of your mindset.  However, I've also found that my role models, those … Continue reading I’m not a college athlete, but I’m still getting coached.

The Importance of Mentorship in Surgery

I am so honored to have my perspective on mentorship in surgery featured through Women in Thoracic Surgery!  Please check it out here: http://wtsnet.org/wts-medical-student-perspective/.  You should also read about the experiences of two other medical students as they journey into the field (much further along than I!). I dedicate this writing to my mentors.  Thank you … Continue reading The Importance of Mentorship in Surgery

“Everyone” in France is now an organ donor

Beginning in 2017, France has converted its organ donor registry to an opt-out system. But you are still permitted to refuse donation (according to The Guardian there are currently 150,000 people signed up for the "refusal register"). The implications of this policy change are huge! Surgeons almost always cite the organ shortage crisis as the principal … Continue reading “Everyone” in France is now an organ donor