Caring for others as a medical student

When asked to list some risk factors of all-too-common chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes, we tend to offer answers such as an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, tobacco use, or alcohol. Rarely do we suggest that our personal relationships determine the course of our health, yet I'm learning that this, more often than … Continue reading Caring for others as a medical student


Beginning of MS1 Year

Greetings fellow humans!  I have officially crossed Main Street and begun my journey at Baylor College of Medicine.  We have just entered week 4 of classes, and my thoughts and schedule are still in a bit of a jumble. However, I am incredibly humbled by everything that is medical school.  And it has been reassuring … Continue reading Beginning of MS1 Year

The Gift of Confirmation

Baptism and Confirmation are two sacraments categorized within the “initiation” stage of our lifelong process of receiving God’s grace.  Baptism endows citizenship to Heaven while Confirmation calls us to live and bear witness to the Christian life.  In hindsight, I recognize how my heart was turned back in the fall of 2016 to receive the … Continue reading The Gift of Confirmation

I’m not a college athlete, but I’m still getting coached.

How do you react to failure?  Most of us feel embarrassed and defeated.  It knocks the wind out of us and makes us want to hide away from the world for a while. I've found that this reaction is going to occur regardless of your mindset.  However, I've also found that my role models, those … Continue reading I’m not a college athlete, but I’m still getting coached.

The Importance of Mentorship in Surgery

I am so honored to have my perspective on mentorship in surgery featured through Women in Thoracic Surgery!  Please check it out here:  You should also read about the experiences of two other medical students as they journey into the field (much further along than I!). I dedicate this writing to my mentors.  Thank you … Continue reading The Importance of Mentorship in Surgery

Compassion, as we know it, is misguided.

Compassion is defined as sympathy and the desire to alleviate suffering. "To be compassionate" is merely to feel something about a situation. That's it. Understanding without action. First, I think about the concept of salvation on the basis of faith and good works. Just as all truly valuable things on this earth, salvation isn't free. God … Continue reading Compassion, as we know it, is misguided.