Christian undertones in Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman movie was moving in many ways, particularly for me as a female viewer.  Not only is it rare for a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman to play the protagonist's role, but it is also relevant that she inspires change through her actions and beliefs and remains humble despite her conquests. It … Continue reading Christian undertones in Wonder Woman

The Gift of Confirmation

Baptism and Confirmation are two sacraments categorized within the “initiation” stage of our lifelong process of receiving God’s grace.  Baptism endows citizenship to Heaven while Confirmation calls us to live and bear witness to the Christian life.  In hindsight, I recognize how my heart was turned back in the fall of 2016 to receive the … Continue reading The Gift of Confirmation

“Everyone” in France is now an organ donor

Beginning in 2017, France has converted its organ donor registry to an opt-out system. But you are still permitted to refuse donation (according to The Guardian there are currently 150,000 people signed up for the "refusal register"). The implications of this policy change are huge! Surgeons almost always cite the organ shortage crisis as the principal … Continue reading “Everyone” in France is now an organ donor

Compassion, as we know it, is misguided.

Compassion is defined as sympathy and the desire to alleviate suffering. "To be compassionate" is merely to feel something about a situation. That's it. Understanding without action. First, I think about the concept of salvation on the basis of faith and good works. Just as all truly valuable things on this earth, salvation isn't free. God … Continue reading Compassion, as we know it, is misguided.

The Ebola Epidemic in West Africa

So many issues come into play with regards to the West African Ebola epidemic. I touch on two here that have caught my attention. 728 have lost their lives in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The current mortality rate is 55%. Is the outbreak out of control? Can it be stemmed and isolated within these … Continue reading The Ebola Epidemic in West Africa