Christian undertones in Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman movie was moving in many ways, particularly for me as a female viewer.  Not only is it rare for a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman to play the protagonist's role, but it is also relevant that she inspires change through her actions and beliefs and remains humble despite her conquests. It … Continue reading Christian undertones in Wonder Woman


In college, several of my friends would ask me why I am a Christian, and my answer has always been that I believe in God’s love and mercy for humanity and that I desire to spread this good news through my actions and in how I treat other people.  His unconditional love cannot be fully … Continue reading Penance

The Gift of Confirmation

Baptism and Confirmation are two sacraments categorized within the “initiation” stage of our lifelong process of receiving God’s grace.  Baptism endows citizenship to Heaven while Confirmation calls us to live and bear witness to the Christian life.  In hindsight, I recognize how my heart was turned back in the fall of 2016 to receive the … Continue reading The Gift of Confirmation

Compassion, as we know it, is misguided.

Compassion is defined as sympathy and the desire to alleviate suffering. "To be compassionate" is merely to feel something about a situation. That's it. Understanding without action. First, I think about the concept of salvation on the basis of faith and good works. Just as all truly valuable things on this earth, salvation isn't free. God … Continue reading Compassion, as we know it, is misguided.

In a world of increasing competition, we must celebrate the success of others.

In light of my decision to receive the holy sacrament of Confirmation next year, I am beginning a mini blog series--some posts more religious in nature, others secular--to document my journey to strengthen my faith. This last year of college is a perfect time to commit to the process after having discovered more about myself in college, … Continue reading In a world of increasing competition, we must celebrate the success of others.

Exploring my [Catholic] faith

In January, I felt as though my heart had been moved, urging me to more fully connect with my Catholic faith. I can't really explain the sense of urgency I experienced to become more devout. Since then, I celebrate Mass at school in addition to at home and pray nearly every evening. I have a stronger relationship … Continue reading Exploring my [Catholic] faith