Honduras: Day 3

Today was the day we were all waiting for! Our first day at the clinic! The 5:30 am wake-up call didn't even phase me because I was too excited for what was in store for the day. We drove in our rickety van over an hour, sometimes on a paved road and sometimes on a … Continue reading Honduras: Day 3


Honduras: Day 2

Happy Mother's Day from Honduras! I am sad that I can't be home in L.A. with my mom, but I know she is extremely happy that I'm here in San Lorenzo. ūüôā My mom is an inspiration to me in many ways. One of those ways is her dedication to her career as a pharmacist. … Continue reading Honduras: Day 2

A Cox’s Perspective

    Back home in Los Angeles, rowing was not a well-known or well-understood sport. ¬†Frankly, in high school, I had not even considered becoming involved. ¬†It was during orientation week here at Rice when one of my peer advisors, the then acting men's captain of Rice Crew, introduced me to the sport. ¬†He pitched … Continue reading A Cox’s Perspective

Organ Donation: Would you consider it?

After my Chancellor's Scholarship interview at the University of Pittsburgh (this interview took place right after my two interviews at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine for its 8-year BA/MD program), the dean of the Honors College presented a book to me titled "Many Sleepless Nights: The World of Organ Transplantation." ¬†This book had … Continue reading Organ Donation: Would you consider it?

The Baker Institute’s 20th Anniversary Gala

Through my internship at the Baker Institute for Public Policy, I am able to participate in countless opportunities such as the Baker Institute's 20th Anniversary Gala that occurred on November 8th. This event was attended by both Presidents H.W. and G.W. Bush as well as Secretary of State James Baker and Ambassador Djerejian. I had … Continue reading The Baker Institute’s 20th Anniversary Gala