“Selection,” or transplant review board

I've been able to sit in transplant review board (BCM), or selection (Cedars), several times at two academic institutions over the past year. This session occurs weekly in a conference room setting. For approximately one hour, various providers come together to discuss the ongoing management of live and mechanical transplant candidates and recipients. Generally, a … Continue reading “Selection,” or transplant review board


My updated perspective on the BA/MD program experience

I wrote a post during my freshman year--now in hindsight, it was prematurely written--about being a student in a BA/MD program.  After having recently graduated from Rice as a student in the program affiliated with BCM, I have some additional (a wiser?) perspective to share.  You can also read some of my thoughts on accepted.com. … Continue reading My updated perspective on the BA/MD program experience

Academic tips for Rice undergrad (no bs)

I'm graduating from Rice in less than a week!  In the hopes of reaching a few current or prospective students who may find this post useful, I want to make a few recommendations to help maximize your Rice undergrad academic experience, based on what went well and what went poorly for me.  Read everything with … Continue reading Academic tips for Rice undergrad (no bs)

A different perspective on the medical humanities

Throughout high school and early in college, I was enticed to pursue formal study of the medical humanities. I believed that this interdisciplinary field would afford me immense practical value by improving my ability to tackle complex and interrelated issues associated with the human dimension of medical practice. Although I still recognize that history, culture, … Continue reading A different perspective on the medical humanities

Re-post: Accepted’s Med School Webinar on 2/9/2017

Hi everyone! I informally serve as an ambassador for Accepted.com, so here's some useful information about an upcoming webinar: Low stats got you down? Don’t let your low MCAT score or GPA get the best of you… Learn how to get accepted to medical school, despite less-than-perfect stats! Join Accepted for their upcoming webinar, Get … Continue reading Re-post: Accepted’s Med School Webinar on 2/9/2017

Women Lead (and WomenLEAD)

I view my perspective on the importance of women's leadership as more subdued than that of others. This does not mean that I devalue the need for women to enter and thrive in visible positions of leadership. In fact, I've been frustrated by some things I've overheard in the realm of leadership in surgery over the past … Continue reading Women Lead (and WomenLEAD)

Anki: A smart studying tool

In a previous studying tips post, I mentioned finding a method of spaced repetition that works for you.  Start to incorporate spaced repetition into your studying habits as early in your academic career as you can!  It becomes a habit and can actually be really gratifying once you start to remember information more easily. I … Continue reading Anki: A smart studying tool