Quick & Easy Tips for Healthy Meals in Med School

My meal prep in med school is far from time-intensive or complicated, but I have managed to concoct a few quick recipes and find several go-tos that taste pretty good. It’s difficult to invest a lot of energy in eating right, but a well-balanced diet is crucial to having enough energy throughout the day. It’s especially important when you don’t sleep a lot and drink copious volumes of caffeine…(oops).

  1. Trader Joe’s prepared or frozen food. These are my favorites:
    • Mandarin orange chicken
    • Kung pao chicken
    • Organic brown rice
    • Asian vegetable stir fry
    • Butter chicken with basmati rice
    • Salad mixes (pre-packaged for lunch on-the-go)
  2. Salmon, broccoli, and rice (night before exams)
    • Glaze: low-sodium soy sauce and brown sugar
    • Cook fresh wild salmon over stove top and drizzle on glaze
    • Steam broccoli and serve over TJ’s rice with salmon
    • 51520601036__79188049-58E1-4D50-B52A-713DD601530C
  3. Pepper chicken and slaw salad
    • Rub: chili powder, salt, ground pepper
    • Cook chicken thighs over stove top
    • Mix slaw, dried fruit chunks, crispy noodles, and sesame seeds with low-fat dressing of choice
    • 54311047792__6FA3465F-3FEC-4ACE-BA25-4D0D40D6790A-1
  4. Meal prep for several days:
    • Whole wheat spaghetti with meat (I prefer turkey as a lower fat option) or linguini sauce; add frozen seafood (e.g. shrimp or imitation crab) and garlic for additional protein and flavor
      • IMG_5234
    • Fajitas: cook your own chicken or buy pre-cooked from the grocery store and eat with sliced avocado and salsa
      • IMG_5137

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