The Gift of Confirmation

Baptism and Confirmation are two sacraments categorized within the “initiation” stage of our lifelong process of receiving God’s grace.  Baptism endows citizenship to Heaven while Confirmation calls us to live and bear witness to the Christian life.  In hindsight, I recognize how my heart was turned back in the fall of 2016 to receive the sacrament of Confirmation before matriculating into medical school.  Although I had not viewed Catholic rituals as monotonous or without reason, prior to this school year, I could never really provide substantial explanation to my friends who questioned my weekly decision to attend Mass.  It is clarifying and humbling to recognize now that the Holy Eucharist, just as Confirmation, is a privilege and gift from the Father, provided to us in a physical form which we may recognize and experience, yet possessing divine power to nourish our souls.  Moreover, in this video lesson, Confirmation was described as an “anointing for service.”  Confirmation represents a profound transformation in assuming a new identity in Christ and in the lives of others I encounter.  In my view, the Hippocratic Oath, which is said when receiving the white coat as a physician-in-training, is complementary to this greater call to service.  While I am ecstatic to soon begin to help others through healing, I contextualize this vocational pursuit within my greater love for God and His greater love for humanity.  I pray that He will work through me as a future physician and daughter in Christ.


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