First Day in D.C.

I’m in D.C.!  The traveling has finally ceased for a while as I settle down here on campus at George Washington University for a 10-week internship at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Here’s a little bit about what is planned: This summer, I will assist in projects at the National Vaccine Program Office related to the development and implementation of the National Adult Immunization Plan, research on the HPV vaccination, and increasing vaccine confidence.  Hopefully my background knowledge of the HPV vaccination movement in Texas and vaccinations for neglected tropical diseases, as researched in Houston at the Baker Institute, will prove useful.  Moreover, as a student in the Baker Institute’s Jesse Jones Leadership Center Summer in D.C. Internship Program, I will also read 15 books on classical and contemporary political, economic, and social theories and meet with my peers and program coordinator, Dr. Lewis, to discuss important themes as well as our individual internship experiences.  I also look forward to delving into a specific topic in depth throughout the summer and presenting my research and policy proposal once the school year begins!

While I have no idea what to expect from my internship, I am beginning on Tuesday with enthusiasm and an open mind.  This internship, and summer for that matter, will be a test of my independence and self-discipline, especially since I have to take public transportation every day to and from work and my roommate and I will have to cook for ourselves and keep ourselves occupied!  I miss the convenience of dorm life at Rice (we are lucky to have all the furnishings and renovations that we do…), quality time spent with and constant love from my partner in crime Ryan, and my brief week-long attempt at being idle after coming back from Nicaragua…

Until next time, happy Memorial Day!  I can’t wait to celebrate in our nation’s capital. 🙂


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