First Week of Sophomore Year

Quick blog post before lunch!  Have got to be way more efficient this school year :’)

I love my classes this semester!  I have narrowed my course load down to 17 credit hours: Bio of Infectious Diseases, Conservation Bio, Physics: Mechanics, Intro to Applied Stats, and Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity in Health.

Three random things I have learned thus far in the past week:

1. Paul Farmer is my new idol.  Look him up here.

2. Dropping things (classes, commitments, etc.) can be OK.  I normally despise the idea of “giving up” on anything, but I have come to recognize that prioritization is a lesson in personal growth.

3. Take advantage of those one-hour breaks between classes or meetings, even if that one hour is spent responding to emails or getting halfway through your reading for a class.  I typically spend these one-hour breaks reviewing my class notes (trying out the “studying 20-30 minutes a day/class” strategy this semester).

P.S. Stay tuned for the big announcement about the GB May 2015 brigade!


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