Honduras: Day 2

Happy Mother’s Day from Honduras! I am sad that I can’t be home in L.A. with my mom, but I know she is extremely happy that I’m here in San Lorenzo. 🙂

My mom is an inspiration to me in many ways. One of those ways is her dedication to her career as a pharmacist. She has always taught me to be independent in having my own professional outlet, my own dream as a self-motivated woman and human being. I experienced a taste of her world today at the compound where we sorted all of the medications. I used the same tools that she does, counted by the same method that she does, and maintained the same concentration and precision that she does.

At times, the sorting became tedious, but as it got more tiring and as it became harder to focus, I only gained more respect for her profession and her as a person. It is critical that each patient be given the standard dosage and the correct medication not only for the sake of delivering quality healthcare but also for the sake of respecting each individual. I aspire to channel this same perspicacity and compassion into my endeavors, and although I definitely need more practice, I am so grateful that she has raised me to embody many of these traits.

Today we also toured the city and visited the local port. Again, very different from Houston and L.A. but more similar to the urban streets I saw in Argentina.

I also just met two Mormon young men from America (actually stopped writing this post to chat with them). I love conversing with other young people who are doing good for the world, no matter their cause (I’m Catholic, however, so I can relate to performing acts of goodness to reinforce my faith). Talking with them and hearing them speak English without an accent makes me realize how small this world is and how interconnected we all are as humans. Tomorrow at the clinic, I can’t wait to overcome the language barrier (not just because I can speak Spanish) and to connect with the native Hondurans on a deeper level. Not entirely sure what that means yet, but there’s something about delivering healthcare that builds trust and empathy between people–I guess that’s what draws me the most to it.


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