“Life is not a …

“Life is not a spectator sport.”

Happy New Year!  It is 2014, and I cannot believe how fast 2013 came and went.

I have been home in Los Angeles for a little over two weeks now for winter break, and boy has it been good to be home and de-stress!  Finals week was tough, but I pulled through after many long nights in the library and a few study breaks with friends. 🙂  First semester grades were not too shabby, although who could not strive for better anyways?

I do not quite remember where I found or heard this quote, but it SO captures how I want to attack all my endeavors in 2014.  Here are a few resolutions (a few borrowed from a few sources):

1. Strive to see the best in everyone and every situation.  I know it may be hard, but there is always something positive even in the worst of situations (even though the positive may actually be, “Hey, can’t get any worse than this!”).  And while you may find some people way more agreeable than others, really focus on putting yourself in the shoes of those with whom it is harder to get along.

2. Do not talk negatively about anyone or anything.  This is tough for everyone, and yes, it is good to vent and express your emotions.  But nobody likes to be around negative people.

3. If you absolutely hate your job or an extracurricular activity you are currently pursuing, quit it.  The money, the status, or the resume boost is not worth it.

4. Forgive, forgive, forgive.  While you may think forgiveness is a two-way street, in fact, it is scientifically proven that if you truly forgive someone and walk away clean (even though he or she may not), you will be up to 25% happier.

5. Do not feel the need to document everything you do on a social media website (I have to work on this too…:).

6. Take quiet time to really think about why you are doing the things that you are, why you are taking positions as you are, and why you are dreaming the things you are.  I will capture one of these personal moments in a later post.

7. Take an extra few minutes to fix yourself up in the morning.  I know it is hard to get out of bed (believe me, I KNOW), but people will notice.  More importantly, YOU will feel more confident.  When you are feeling more confident, you will perform better.

8. Eat less, choose spinach over potatoes, take the stairs and not the elevator, walk more briskly, go out for a run instead of staying in your bed for 30 minutes.  Your poor eating habits and exercise routine will catch up to you later in life.

9. Pray.  Pray for everyone and everything.  Pray even when things are going well (that is when you SHOULD pray the most actually, to have things continue the way they are going).  Positive thoughts and energy really do translate and improve situations.  For example, I do not know any outcomes, but since I began running the Outer Loop regularly last semester, I prayed each time an ambulance zoomed by on the street next to me (Texas Medical Center is right across the street from Rice).  While I am introspective on my runs, I think about what kind of person I want to be.  I want to be that girl who prays for each ambulance.  That girl who is pragmatic when she has all the facts yet has blind faith when she is in the dark.

10. If you want someone or something, vocalize it.  Do not be passive, and do not settle until you are happy.


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