“The pursuit of …”

“The pursuit of excellence had been my objective in life.”

Wow!  It has been a while since I have last written a post.  But as you can imagine, I have been incredibly consumed with all that is college.  I can finally officially say that I am in college at Rice!!  What a crazy thought.

Having had worked on homework all day, I decided to go for a run around the Outer Loop (a 3.2 mile dirt-road track around Rice’s campus) and stop by the fountain and statues at BCM on my way back to Duncan.  While looking at the statue of Dr. DeBakey, I found the quote above, and my eyes started welling up for the first time at Rice.  I rarely cry, and didn’t really full-on cry at this moment, but the quote was certainly a good reminder of what I strive for and need to continue striving for.  Excellence.  Excellence in motivation, performance, and empathy.  The quintessence of Dr. DeBakey himself.  If we all strive to achieve our full potential each day, we would better approach and conquer numerous types of problems–the small drudgeries of everyday life like a long essay or hard feelings for a friend and even the grandiose problems like ethnic conflicts and starvation that plague international relations.  It is troublesome for me to lie down in bed and acknowledge wasted time or futile actions.  I urge everyone to reflect on how you can pursue and achieve excellence each day that you are given.

At Rice this fall semester, I am taking a 15-hour course load consisting of biological science and political science classes.  I got involved very early, and I encourage everyone to do so!  While it may work for some students to get adjusted to a new academic atmosphere before engaging in too many extracurricular activities, I have never been one capable of focusing solely on academic endeavors.  High marks are vital, especially in considering the prospects of medical/graduate school, but the workload is only going to get tougher (part of my rationale).  Right now, I am juggling a job at the Baker Institute for Public Policy, a position as New Student Representative of Duncan College and of Rice’s Student Association (currently pursuing an academic policy project within the SA’s Academics Committee), Duncan College’s Representative to Rice’s Pre-Medical Society, and coxswain for Rice’s Crew Team.  I love each opportunity for the unique skills I am building in each (thoroughness, organization, leadership, and diligence, respectively).

Until next time…wish me luck on my remaining midterms and papers!  I cannot wait to go home in a little over a week!  Back to the City of Angels–have never missed it so much!


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