“If you value yo…

“If you value yourself, then value your time.”

As the day of my departure to Rice nears, I am meeting with family, friends, and past teachers to say a few last goodbyes.  This afternoon, I met with a former teacher who helped me sculpt my writing style into a coherent, strong voice and since has remained a very close friend.  As I labored on about personal matters–how I am very excited to begin anew at Rice, how I learned more about my core value system, how I relate to others, etc.–he reminded me that as I am becoming more mature, I must learn how to budget my time in each arena of my life (academic, professional, social).  There are activities worth investing my energy in and people worth fighting for (usually they are the people from whom you can always learn something new, whether it be an academic or personal lesson–yes I’ve had and still have one of these people; thank goodness he came back into my life!).  I foresee the moments in my future when strangers will be paying (yes, literally, paying money) for my time (and wow, how humbling those moments will be–unimaginable as of now), and each day, I must work hard to respect myself and the time (life) I have been lucky enough to receive.


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