My first prescription as a student doctor: Self care

This piece originally appeared in the Baylor College of Medicine medical student blog, Progress Notes, on June 19, 2018. I vividly recall my first preceptorship experience at a community health clinic and my second patient, Ms. H. At the start of our conversation, to my surprise, she did not hesitate in sharing with me her … Continue reading My first prescription as a student doctor: Self care

Quick & Easy Tips for Healthy Meals in Med School

My meal prep in med school is far from time-intensive or complicated, but I have managed to concoct a few quick recipes and find several go-tos that taste pretty good. It's difficult to invest a lot of energy in eating right, but a well-balanced diet is crucial to having enough energy throughout the day. It's … Continue reading Quick & Easy Tips for Healthy Meals in Med School

Caring for others as a medical student

When asked to list some risk factors of all-too-common chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes, we tend to offer answers such as an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, tobacco use, or alcohol. Rarely do we suggest that our personal relationships determine the course of our health, yet I'm learning that this, more often than … Continue reading Caring for others as a medical student

“Selection,” or transplant review board

I've been able to sit in transplant review board (BCM), or selection (Cedars), several times at two academic institutions over the past year. This session occurs weekly in a conference room setting. For approximately one hour, various providers come together to discuss the ongoing management of live and mechanical transplant candidates and recipients. Generally, a … Continue reading “Selection,” or transplant review board

Christian undertones in Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman movie was moving in many ways, particularly for me as a female viewer.  Not only is it rare for a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman to play the protagonist's role, but it is also relevant that she inspires change through her actions and beliefs and remains humble despite her conquests. It … Continue reading Christian undertones in Wonder Woman